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Mermaid Jewelry


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Dragon Jewelry


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Butterfly Jewelry


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Resin Jewelry Bracelets

Attention grabbing resin bracelets. Designed for the young at heart, my bracelets are sure to garner compliments.

These are the resin bracelet designs I currently make.

These resin bracelets looks fragile, but, they are NOT fragile. I cast all my bracelets with one of the toughest resins available on the market, industrial-strength urethane resin. Totally water-proof, heat, chemical and UV resistant, these bracelets can handle your busy lifestyle.

Each bracelet I make is a unique work of art, no two exactly alike. And, each bracelet comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.


I have more new designs in the works. My new dragon bracelets are ready for spring. Also, I am designing an Egyptian Scarab bracelet.

Please check my current inventory of available styles at: InArtStudio at Etsy


Hinged gold dragon bracelet with blue jewels Hinged gold dragon bracelet with clear jewels Hinged black dragon bracelet with clear jewelsHinged gold dragon bracelet with red jewels

Dragon Bracelets with Jewels Hinged Clamper Style

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Resin Jewelry Butterfly Bracelet Resin Jewelry Butterfly Bracelet Blue Morpho Butterfly BraceletBlue Morpho Butterfly Bracelet

Clear Resin Butterfly Bracelets

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Mermaid Bracelet in Multi-Color ResinMermaid Bracelet in Silver ResinMermaid Bracelet in Iridescent ResinMermaid Bracelet in Ivory Resin

Mermaid Bracelets

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Seahorse Bracelet in Coral, Lime and BluesSeahorse Bracelet with Shells in BluesSeahorse Bracelet in Turquoise

Seahorse Resin Bracelets

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Coral Bracelet in GoldPink Coral Bracelet with Turquoise ShellsCoral Bracelet in Black and GoldCoral Bracelet with Pearls and Turquoise

Coral Resin Bracelets

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Dragon Jewelry Wristband in BlackDragon Jewelry Wristband in Black

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Dragon Bracelet Wristband in Antique Bronze FinishDragon Bracelet Wristband in Antique Bronze Finish

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