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Dragon Bracelet with Jewels Clamper Style

This winged dragon bracelet is covered in jewels. My mythical Dragon bracelet is 3-Dimensional and highly detailed, down to his spiky horns and tiny scales on his magnificent leathery wings. He bares his fierce fangs and glares with eyes of fiery Red-Orange Swarovski rhinestones, defending his dragon's lair of vintage style stones and Swarovski rhinestones. This is a hinged spring, clamper or clapper style bracelet made for easy on and easy off. The bracelet is 1-1/2 inches wide and an oval shape to better fit your wrist. This dragon bracelet is light weight, comfortable and fun to wear. On the inside you will find my logo tag, for Night Sky Jewelry. Stunning!

Dragon Bracelets in Gold with clear or Red Jewels

Available for sale in my Etsy Store

I hand cast this dragon bracelet with two of the toughest resins available on the market, industrial-strength hard urethane and flexible urethane. Strong and durable and totally water-proof, heat, chemical and UV resistant, this bracelet can handle your busy life style. A new dragon bracelet design, from my Dragon Jewelry Series. Imagine wearing this mystical beast on your wrist. Stunning!

Dragon Bracelet in Gold with Blue Jewels

Available for sale in my Etsy Store

I can custom make this dragon bracelet in a size SMALL or MEDIUM. Please allow 5-7 days for custom orders. I will try to accommodate rush deliveries.

All of my dragon bracelets are individually Handcrafted. Each piece of dragon jewelry I make is a unique work of art, no two exactly alike.

Part Sculpture, part Art, part Jewelry. This is sculpture you wear. Pure Fun and Fantasy.

This Dragon bracelet comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. NSJ #122702

So Renaissance, so Chic, so Artsy. Wear this fabulous bracelet dressed up or with jeans.

Warning! This dragon bracelet may cause gasps of delight, impulsive hand grabbing, conversations with strangers and glares of envy.

Note: No real dragons were harmed during the making of this bracelet.


Hinged Dragon Bracelet colors

Available for sale in my Etsy Store

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Modern Art Resin Jewelry from Night Sky Jewelry
by In Art Studio

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