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Table Coral Resin Rings

An elegantly simple, Table Coral sits anchored to the top of this coral ring. The wide, textured coral ring band simulates tiny Star Coral polyps. Nestled inside the table coral sits a single Swarovski crystal bead "sponge". Stunning!

Have you ever seen a table coral? The flat plate of table coral, shaped to expose as much of its surface as possible to sunlight. Elegant and dramatic in design, simple, harmonious, and natural in form. This is design I wanted for my table coral rings.

My table coral rings come in a wide variety of colors. Some are accented with tiny Swarovski Crystal Rhinestone "coral polyps" The others are pure form and color. Available in sizes 7, 8 and 9

They look so fragile. But, they are NOT fragile. I cast all my coral jewelry with one of the toughest resins available on the market, industrial strength urethane resin. Totally water proof, heat, chemical and UV resistant, these table coral rings can handle the knocks and dings a ring receives.

All of my table coral rings come with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

So Modern, so Chic, so Artsy. Wear this fabulous ring dressed up or with jeans.

Warning!   This product may cause gasps of delight, impulsive arm grabbing, conversations with strangers and glares of envy. 

Note:   No real corals were harmed during the making of this coral ring.

Part Sculpture, part Art, part Jewelry. This is art, you wear on your finger

Available in sizes 7, 8 and 9
Check availability here:

Midnight Table Coral Ring, with Rhinestones
Midnight with Rhinestones

Moonlight Table Coral Ring
Pale Moonlight

Neptunes Table Coral Ring

Starlight Table Coral Resin Ring
Pale Blue Starlight

Black Opal Table Coral Resin Ring
Black Opal

Twilight Table Coral Resin Ring

Venus Pink Table Coral Resin Ring
Venus Pink

Blue Opal Table Coral Ring
Blue Opal

Red Fire Table Coral Ring with Rhinestones
Red Fire Coral


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