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Resin Jewelry Blue Morpho Butterfly Ring

A single Blue Morpho Butterfly (Morpho godarti) sits perched atop a hand cast, clear resin band. The 3-Dimensional, transparent, Blue Morpho Butterfly is totally encased in clear resin. The Blue Morpho Butterfly colors are iridescent blue, violet and green, that change with the angle of the light. His 3-dimensional body and long black antennae are coated in black resin. The antennae are flexible, yet strong, and can be trimmed with scissors, if you want them shorter. I left his antennae long, because I just liked the way they look. Stunning!

 Delight in the variety of Nature. Each glittering Blue Morpho Butterfly ring is unique. The clear resin band disappears on your finger. The 3-D resin Blue Morpho Butterfly looks so real. He's just lit on you hand for a visit. Magical!

Available in sizes 7 and 8     Check Availability here:

This is not a real Blue Morpho Butterfly, but a perfect imitation of natures fluttering jewel, captured inside water-clear resin.

My colorful Blue Morpho Butterfly rings are Individually Handcrafted, and totally encased in cool, clear resin. Each Blue Morpho Butterfly Ring I make is a unique work of art, no two exactly alike.

Part Sculpture, part Art, part Jewelry. This is sculpture you wear on your finger. Pure Fun and Fantasy.

Blue Morpho Butterfly stands above the finger 3/4 inch, Blue Morpho Butterfly is 1-3/4 inch wide by 1-1/2 inch long

This Blue Morpho Butterfly ring looks fragile, but it is NOT fragile. I cast this ring with three of the toughest resins available on the market. Heat, chemical and UV resistant, this resin can handle the knocks and dings a ring receives.  This Blue Morpho Butterfly Ring, including the antennae, is totally water-proof

This Blue Morpho Butterfly Ring comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. NSJ #

 So Modern, so Chic, so Artsy. Wear this fabulous ring dressed up or with jeans.

 Warning!   This product may cause gasps of delight, impulsive hand grabbing, conversations with strangers and glares of envy.

 Note:   No real Blue Morpho Butterflies were harmed during the making of this ring.

Monarch Butterfly Clear Resin Ring Blue Morpho Butterfly Clear Resin Ring, view 1 Blue Morpho Butterfly Clear Resin Ring, view 2 Blue Morpho Butterfly Clear Resin Ring, view 3 Blue Morpho Butterfly Clear Resin Ring, view 4 Blue Morpho Butterfly Clear Resin Ring, view 5


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