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Pearl White Butterfly Clear Necklace

Seven delightful pearl white butterflies alight on a crystal clear bib style necklace. Each white butterfly is 3-Dimensional and adorned with tiny 2mm white pearls. The white butterflies have sturdy, 3-dimensional wings and petite, pearl white bodies and splendid, long, pearl white antennae. Stunning!

This crystal clear butterfly necklace base measures 6-1/4 inches wide by 4-1/2 inches long. At each side are 11 x 12 mm Clear Glass beads, ending in a silver lobster claw clasp and an extra 4 inches of silver extender chain. The white butterfly necklace measures 14 inches long, adjustable to 18 inches long. Weight is 57.0 grams or 2 ounces.

Imagine how romantic this white butterfly necklace would look on a bride for a spring or summer wedding. Fabulous! For evening glamour, wear this butterfly necklace with your favorite little black dress. Or, dress it down, by wearing it peeking out from the neckline of a white tailored men's shirt paired with your favorite jeans.

This White Butterfly Necklace comes with a signed Certificate of Authenticity. NSJ #110912-259

So Modern, so Chic, so Artsy. Delight in the variety of Nature. Each pearly butterfly is unique. The clear acrylic base disappears on your skin. The 3-D butterflies look so real. They just lit on you for a visit. Magical!

Warning! This white butterfly necklace may cause gasps of delight, impulsive hand grabbing, conversations with strangers and glares of envy.

These are not real Butterflies, but perfect imitations of natures fluttering jewels. My white butterfly necklaces are individually handcrafted. Each piece of butterfly jewelry I make is a unique work of art, no two exactly alike.

Note:   No real butterflies were harmed during the making of this necklace.

Check availability here: InArtStudio at Etsy

White Butterfly Clear Necklace with Pearls White Butterfly Clear Necklace with Pearls, view 1 White Butterfly Clear Necklace with Pearls, view 2 White Butterfly Clear Necklace with Pearls, view 3 White Butterfly Clear Necklace with Pearls, view 4


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